Online Resources

Tenth Church has temporarily
suspended in-person services. Here are links to
some online church services and other
resources for study and inspiration.

Tenth Church
Wednesday Evening Meeting online
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Sunday Services and Sunday School online
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Reading Room hours
M-Sat: 1-4 • Closed Sunday

The Mother Church services online
Wednesday 2 PM • Sunday 10 AM 
Replays available

The Mother Church
Sunday School online
Sunday 10 AM

Resources for Inspiration
and Healing

Bible Lesson • Sentinel Watch
El Heraldo
332-255-6789 (anytime)
Bible Lesson: Press 1
Sentinel Watch: Press 2
El Heraldo de la Ciencia Cristiana: Press 3

Sentinel Watch
Testimony of healing
CSPS Internet Rad­io (

The Christian Science Monitor
Click on:  Our complete
coronavirus coverage (free)