Tenth Church Lecture Report 2019

Tenth Church of Christ, Scientist hosted a lecture by Michelle Nanouche, C.S.B., entitled: “Finding God, Finding Health” on Thursday, November 14th, at 7 pm. There was an interesting question and answer period immediately afterward. We thank Michelle for her inspired talk.

ChristianScience.com new website

The Mother Church has redesigned the church website, as announced in a recent email:

Our Church website, ChristianScience.com, has a fresh new look and feel. An initiative of the Christian Science Board of Directors, the redesigned website offers a quiet and thoughtful space for people to explore Christian Science today through our Pastor, publications, activities, and events, and to discover a healing perspective on world issues and ideas.

When you have a chance, take a look. It’s a refreshing update.

New CSNYC.COM Website

The website csnyc.com has a sharp new look, thanks to Nate Ouderkirk, a longtime, former member of Tenth Church. The Kitchen Knife Guru has been busy honing his website development skills, and the results are impressive. Several cuts above the average site, it’s a slice of fresh air, if you get my point. That about exhausts my blade references. But check out the new website. There is a link at the footer of this website.